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Maine Youth Golf Foundation Board of Directors

If you would like to join our Board of Directors, contact Kris at

Kristopher T. Saunders Executive Director

This group is wholly dedicated to growing the game of golf in Maine, with a specific focus on leveling the playing field for Maine kids.

Executive Director
Mark Greenleaf Board Member

Mark is a member of our Board. He owns and runs Carolina's in Downtown Bangor. Look for our donation collection at his place.

Board Member
Paul Partridge Board Member.

Partridge saw first hand the huge disparity between kids growing up in Central Maine vs. kids who grew up playing in warmer climates with full-time, fully dedicated coaches. “I want to bring this level of expertise and this level of commitment to kids across the state of Maine. Through golf, we will help kids build the strength of character that will empower them throughout a lifetime of challenges”, concluded Partridge.

Board Member.
Chris Hamilton Board Member

Chris is the Diving and Swimming coach at Dartmouth and a member of the Maine sports Hall of Fame. Quite a good golfer, Chris agrees that Maine kids need more high quality instruction and well thought through direction to become successful.

Board Member