Improving Youth Golf Opportunities in Maine

Dedicated to advancing junior golf opportunities in the State of Maine, we believe it is the right time to invest in Maine's kids. Help us reach a fundraising goal of 300,000$ in effort to bring a First Tee back to the State of Maine.

The growing Board of Directors is comprised of accomplished adults who were all, once upon a time, kids in the State of Maine.

All of us agree that despite our impressive list of accomplishments, that Maine kids did not and do not get as much access to high quality resources and or development as do kids in some of the other states. We have all heard phraseology like Maine kids dont get recruited because they can't keep up with the kids from warm weather states. We would like the change that by leveling the developmental playing field and bringing a First Tee back to the State of Maine. In order to be taken seriously, we need to bring about 300,000$ to the table.